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My message to you today is simply, do it now. Whether you always wanted to write a book, or get in shape, or remodel your bathroom, or take a trip to Europe, now is the time.

I have a big project that I’m working on and I hit a roadblock a few weeks ago. I got the flu, and it hit me exceptionally hard. I felt like John Hurt in Alien. I was running a fever, I had a persistent cough, and congestion that made me miserable. The project is an audio production which requires me to talk for hours at a time, something that was impossible, even after I felt better. Frankly, I’m just now getting to the point where my voice has returned.

The reason I mention this is you need to be prepared for something like this to happen to you. It might be an illness that takes your time away, or maybe it strikes someone in your family. You might lose your job. What if your house catches on fire? It could be something good that derails you, like falling in love… that always seems to bring wonderful chaos to my life, but chaos nonetheless.


Quick Change

The point is that if you’re putting something off right now then you may not have the time to do it later. Our lives are constantly evolving. Some things you can predict or mitigate, other things strike you with no warning, and can change everything in an instant.

We tend to fill our spare time with rest, or with television, social media, hanging out, or stuff that’s small and easy to do. What that does is squeeze out the valuable time for the big things — the dreams and aspirations you have. We lose track of the big stuff because it’s much harder, it takes longer, and there’s so much uncertainty that surrounds it.

But one day you may wake up and see years or decades pass and realize that you never did those amazing inspiring dream projects because the day to day grind stole those moments from you. Or worse, something in your life changed, and now you don’t have the time or the circumstances to actually make it happen.

Today is the day. Stop putting it off.


Do It Now

Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, get started on it right now. Take big bold steps. Bite off a fat chunk of life and let it dribble down your chin.

If you don’t do it now, you may not have the chance to do it later.


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