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“Cosmic Convergence” by Dirk Hooper
The universe, and us, are arranged in a mirrored union

of veracity and obfuscation, both macro and micro.
We are starstuff and antimatter, flowing, fragile
and focused on fighting against fate.

There is a cosmic convergence
…and then there’s candy

The Big Bang, which gave us our celestial bodies
infused us with crystalline dust and the memory of a thousand
suns, burning, blinding brilliance and fueling our desires,
eventually leaving us with the detritus of our existence.

There is a cosmic convergence
…and then there’s candy

Conversely, we are composted, like sweet music,
of all manner of infinitesimal quarks; she’s Charmed
and bottom, I’m Strange and Top. We’re swirling with
unseen forces, influenced by gravity and circumstance.

There is a cosmic convergence
…and then there’s candy

Somewhere out there, or down here, there is a Unified Field Theory.
It will bind our being with one complete universal truth
that answers all our fears and heralds our ascendance,
but until then…

There is a cosmic convergence.
And her lips taste like candy.

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