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Originally published December 12, 2016.

John Glenn died this week at 95 years old. Even other astronauts look up to John Glenn. At a time when ordering a skim latte will get you labeled a hero, this guy was the real deal.

Let’s look at some of his accomplishments:

  • He flew 59 combat missions in WWII
  • During the Korean War, he flew 90 combat missions, using different models of new jet fighters
  • He earned the distinguished flying cross five times
  • He was the First American to orbit the earth
  • He had a long political career as a US Senator
  • At 77, he flew on the space shuttle Discovery becoming the oldest man in space
  • He was always an inspirational advocate of science and achievement and let’s face it, he backed that shit up big time


What About You?

Very few people are going to have an obituary like that, but let me ask you this… if someone wrote your obituary today what would they say?

Would you be happy with your obituary? Or do you wish you had more accomplishments? Maybe you wish they would say nicer things about you. Maybe you’ve got stuff that’s not finished yet.

You know what? That’s exactly the way I feel. There’s so damn much I want to do that I haven’t done yet.

Time is a valuable resource. We all waste too much time… holy cats, I sure do. But it’s so easy to let time get away from you.

You mean to write that book, or lose ten pounds, or connect with your friends, or become the oldest person in space. Whatever. But, time is running out. Right now.

If your obituary is kind of light on accomplishments, unfulfilled promises, or maybe you just wish you weren’t such an asshole all the time, you’ve got to get started in the right direction immediately. Maybe skip an hour of TV, or get off your damn cell phone. Shake things up a bit. Do it now.

Days, weeks, months, years — are passing as you read this. Don’t lose them. Carve out a little time to achieve big things.

I’m going to do you a favor and not ask you to match an obituary like John Glenn, but start building the obituary that you want. Today.


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