Psychedelic Burn Comic by Dirk Hooper

Psychedelic Burn is a six page story that I created for a trip to San Diego for ComicCon in 1993. 

I showed this story to just about everyone who would look at it, but my target was Dark Horse Comics. The editor from Dark Horse was very helpful and said he liked where I was going, but obviously it didn’t go any further than that.

This kernel of a story became a much bigger project, and something that I’d still like to do, but might instead approach as a novel or screenplay.

I wrote, pencilled, inked and lettered this comic. This is the first completed sequential art project that I tried.

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Dirk Hooper is a professional writer who has done work for many high-profile online magazines, has won the Top Writer Award at Quora for the past two years, and a Moore Award for copywriting in 2017.

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